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Welcome to gullwingsgo! This is a canon-based Final Fantasy X-2 Roleplay run by kitsuneellie, stonyglenrider, and galaxysong9.

All are welcome to join in on the fun, just contact one of the mods to apply for a character.

Mod Contact Information (for Applications and questions)

kitsuneellie - email: catmon222@aol.com, AIM: catmon222

stonyglenrider - email: jeangrey823@yahoo.com, AIM: SinIsJechtLOL

galaxysong9 - email: galaxysong9@adelphia.net, AIM: galaxysong9

Characters In Use

Yuna: stonyglenrider

Rikku: kitsuneellie

Paine: galaxysong9

Characters Available: Gippal, Nooj, Baralai, Leblanc, Brother, Buddy, Shinra, Lenne, Shuyin, Tidus, Lulu, Wakka, Kimahri. If you can think of anyone else, including orignial characters, let us know.


1. Be nice, we're all here to have fun.

2. Regarding pairings and the like, we're a canon-based RP, so let's keep everything mostly in line with the original story. ^_^

3. If you have a problem, come to the mods.

Guess that's it... Happy RP-ing!

♥♥♥, The Gullwings